Monday, July 6, 2009


I finished the sequel to Lost Hours featuring Detroit PI’s, Joe Hooks and Kool-Aid. The tentative title is Darkest Hours. It’s currently in the beginning phases of having publishers consider it for publication.

Darkest Hours description:

To get his mind off his recent divorce, Detroit private investigator Joe Hooks takes what he thinks will be an easy job. He is to pick up a package from billionaire Montgomery Webb, an eccentric businessman. But Joe finds more than he bargains for when he discovers the billionaire tied to a chair, moments away from taking his last breath. Webb’s bizarre final words are, “Little doll lost.”

Joe enlists Kool-Aid, his ex-partner and best friend to aid him in finding out why the package is so important. The two friends are soon thrust into a situation that is quickly spiraling out of control. Pursuing the PI’s are cold-blooded killers, a government agency, and a mysterious Washington attorney known only as Shaw.

Joe becomes aware that the package could literally change the world, but has this discovery come too late?

I am working on my new novel called, The Promise. The Promise is about a dirty Detroit homicide detective named, Roman Stefan, who makes a promise to his ailing father to clean up his life. Roman has never broken his word but is having a hell of a time trying to keep this one—mainly because he’s been dirty for so long, he has forgotten how to be an honest cop. With an open Internal Affairs investigation dogging Roman and a Police Chief gunning for his badge, a new case has been forced upon him involving the murder of a hooker. With all his problems, the dead hooker’s sister, news anchor Hallie Warner tags along on Roman’s investigation whether he likes it or not.