Friday, May 18, 2007

D. K. Gaston's new supernatural thriller, XIII is now available.

XIII chronicles the story of bounty hunter Avery Hudson. He accepts a job from a bail bondsman (Beelzebub Abaddon), who, unbeknownst to Avery, is the devil. He is to track and retrieve Hollywood actor Jason Peters, who sold his soul for thirteen years of youth, fame and fortune. With the help of small town sheriff Mary Jamison, the two embark on an impossible mission; and encounter several obstacles; a demon bounty hunter (Mr. Dark), who also tracks Peters; two FBI agents; a maverick team of police officers and a vengeful billionaire.


XIII is a high paced thriller. The action comes thick and fast as the manhunt becomes more violent and desperate. Gaston's story is exciting. --Brynneth N. Colvin, Author

If you're looking for an adventure/thriller, XIII hits the ground running. --Donna Sundblad, Author

Wow!! Stephen King and Dean Koontz move over. A new guy is in town!! I raced through D.K. Gaston's "can't put down for a moment" supernatural thriller, XIII. A bounty hunter and a small town sheriff team up to fight other worldly enemies with a slam bang and, in part, totally unexpected ending. For fans of this genre, it's a must read. --Tricia Lee, Author

Please listen to the audio podcast of the prologue on this page or visit the official website.

D. K. Gaston's next book, Lost Hours, a mystery thriller, comes out October 1, 2007.

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