Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Promise

Coming soon for the Kindle, The Promise

Detroit Police Homicide Detective, Sergeant Roman Stefan has one of the best arrest records on the force—he’s also a dirty cop. Roman promises his ailing father that he will clean up his life and go straight. The problem is, Roman likes being dirty. As he deals with his promise, he is assigned to a 4-month old homicide investigation of a prostitute that no one seems interested in. Compounding his trouble is the dead hooker's sister, Channel 3 News anchor Hallie Warner, who has placed pressure on the mayor’s office to provide answers.
As Roman and Hallie uncover clues of Ebony Warner’s murder, they soon become targets of two ruthless killers who don't want the truth to be uncovered. In mortal danger and being unable to rely on his old dirty way of life; will Roman Stefan be able to keep the promise he made to his father?

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